A headache is one of the most common pain-related health problems in both children and adults. You may have a headache along with another minor health problem such as a sore throat, cold, or sinus problem. This usually resolves with treatment for bacterial or viral infection and rest.

Headaches that persist can be a symptom of a more serious condition. If you experience chronic and frequent headaches, see your medical doctor. If your doctor has ruled out a life threatening cause for your headaches, you may be a candidate for physical therapy.

Chronic headaches are often caused by traumatic or over-use injuries to the neck, jaw, or shoulder. Car accidents, athletic injuries, physical abuse, poor work ergonomics, stress, prolonged dental procedures, orthodontia, new glasses, postural abnormalities, and even improper head support while sleeping can cause headaches.

Past patients who responded well to physical therapy frequently reported waking up with a headache that worsened throughout the day. Pain at the base of the skull that radiates over the ear and down toward the shoulder is also a common finding. We have had success treating this type of headache which are often associated with ringing in the ear, jaw pain, an earache and/or dizziness.

Our therapist will discuss with you your current and past symptoms, previous treatments, diagnostic procedures, and your lifestyle habits. A thorough evaluation will be conducted to assess your posture, spine and extremity mobility, muscle quality, and tooth and jaw function.

Based on findings from your evaluation, the therapist will determine if physical therapy is right for your condition. Together, you and your physical therapist will proceed with a comprehensive treatment plan to resolve your symptoms.

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