Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomic Evaluation at your work site: As part of your treatment it might be necessary to optimize your work environment. Many aggravating injuries can occur due to poorly designed work areas. Many of our patients have had almost immediate relief from work site modifications recommended by their physical therapist. Our goal is to teach you proper work site ergonomics and assist you in modifying your workspace to suit your needs. An evaluation can be performed, with immediate recommendations and suggestions for workstation adaptations.

Sedentary job positions pose a threat to your spine, head, jaw and upper extremities. If you are experiencing headaches, neck pain, pain surrounding the shoulder blades, low back pain or upper extremity pain that worsens toward the end of a work day, chances are you would benefit from our expertise.

If you regularly use a lap top computer, especially at home, you are likely at risk for injury. Call to request a work site evaluation. Let our expert therapists help you prevent costly and aggravating injuries!

We are available for industrial and corporate consultations as well.