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Mr. Vinson

"DX: Sprained Foot

My entire foot was bruised, black and blue from my toes all the way up past my ankle. Ellen set me up with a pair of crutches for a day or two, and then a cane for just one day.

My foot healed rapidly due to the wonderful care I received. I was given some exercises to do at home. In the clinic, I received foot massage and e-stim. Ellen had me up and going in no time! Less than a week after the injury I was wearing my shoe.

I was particularly impressed with Ellen's attention to my fine motor skills. Although I was able to walk, there were still issues with balance to work on. Ellen took care of the big picture as well as the fine details.

Thanks for all the help towards a complete recovery!!"

M. Vinson

Melinda G.

Muscle Pull / Cervical Strain

Physical Therapy Outcomes:
Completely healed.

Additional Comments:
The treatment was excellent. My injury was treated with therapy at the facility and I was given exercises to assist my recovery at home. The information on changing habits to prevent this from reoccurring was a benefit that was unexpected but very much appreciated."

Melinda G.

Neck Pain Testimonial

"Diagnosis / Condition:
Really severe neck pain for six months - could not turn neck or sleep.

Physical Therapy Outcomes:
Since going to physical therapy, I have regained all function in my neck that I didn't have before. I couldn't even sleep one hour at night. The first treatment gave me relief!

Additional Comments:
It was a great experience! I would recommend everyone with joint or any kind of pain to come here. Everyone was so nice and really made the experience a good one!"

Joseph A.

"Ellen Haverstick and her staff at APTC are very knowledgeable in the PT field and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Their caring attitude is shown during each of my visits to the center."

Joseph A.

Krissie S.

Pain in my right ankle (Plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendon bursitis). I could barely walk or perform daily activities.

Physical Therapy Outcomes:
After starting physical therapy, I can tell a huge improvement each day. I am no longer walking with a limp and the pain and tenderness is almost gone completely.

Additional Comments:
Ellen and the staff are just terrific. They not only care about me as a patient but also as a person. Each one takes a personal interest in your well being and continued progress. I look forward to each visit."

Kristy S.

Matt T.

"I was referred to APTC by Dr. Ken Martin's office. Ms. Ellen and her staff have met every need since my first appointment. As a patient I had questions and concerns, these were addressed with compassion and professionalism.

As for my physical therapy, APTC has been extremely positive. I have found they vary my workouts and monitor my progress closely. I appreciate the referral and recommend APTC for future patients."

Matt T.
Lateral Menisectomy 1/11/08

Patricia R.

"I have had great results at Advanced Physical Therapy. I have been to two other physical therapy centers for the same injury and I did not get the results I needed.

I was treated for jaw, neck, and back pain due to a car accident. It has been 9 months since the accident and have not had much relief until I came here. I have received personalized care.

The difference in my ability to function and the reduction of pain has been incredible.

I would recommend Advanced Physical Therapy to anyone."

Patricia R.

Kevin B.

"I have been virtually pain free since visiting your office. It was a joy to meet each of you and your passion for helping others is easily seen. I would recommend anyone with pain to use your services. I am continuing the exercises and such that you showed me and it keeps me feeling like I should. My knee is doing great and molded inserts (custom foot orthoses) are working beautifully! Thanks again - looking forward to seeing you again."

Kevin B.

Louise T.

"In January of 2006, I was referred to Advanced Physical Therapy Center due to chronic neck pain. Because of the condition of my neck, surgery was not an option. The pain was severe and was disrupting my sleep, interfering with my independence and preventing me from socializing.

After a series of physical therapy treatments, I am now able to confidently take care of myself.

I HAVE A LIFE! I travel, I am an active church member and I even lead an exercise class in my community pool!

In Feb. 2007, after my total knee replacement, I returned to the friendly atmosphere at Advanced Physical Therapy Center with excellent results."

Louise T.

Angela T.

Thanks to your expertise, knowledge and leadership of your staff I was able to get back on my feet and walking in an upright position with little pain in only a few days.

As I continue with my treatments I not only get better each time but I have enjoyed the atmosphere of the clinic along with the kindness from everyone.

I have been impressed with the way you and your staff carry yourselves in the clinic. Each client is treated with respect and compassion no matter who they are as they receive the best treatment possible each visit.

Based on the treatments I have received I can honestly say your clinic is the best by far and I will definitely recommend you and your staff to my friends, family and co-workers."

Angela T.
APTC Patient

"I have had TMJ Dysfunction for the past 30 years. The effects have ranged from constant jaw popping, to a locked jaw, to the inability to move my jaw and neck.

Ellen did a thorough evaluation of my symptoms and started therapy to first alleviate the pain - then to begin exercises to relax the jaw and surrounding areas. She also showed me what exercises I can use the rest of my life when my TMJ begins to flare up - Thanks Ellen!"

Lynetta W.

To the staff of Advanced Physical Therapy Center:

Thank all of you for your efforts and help in relieving my back pain. Your knowledgeable, fierce approach to finding the problem and fixing it in minimal time was outstanding and a trait few others display.

Your staff was outstanding to me on every visit, from Belinda at the front door to Ellen and jennifer walking and talking me through the steps needed to alleviate the pain. I cannot think of one circumstance I would change in the visits I had to your center. your center is beyond top-level.

Again, thank you to all of the APTC staff for all you have done. It is wonderful to be able to do the normal activities again without the pain or worry. You guys are outstanding.

Best wishes,

Anthony L.